Professional Services

  • Technical Consulting
    If you need to hire an in-house IT engineer, we can help you with that too. Managing your IT environment is a serious job, and we can ensure that you hire the best applicant. Our thorough review process of all applicants’ resumes will enable us to recommend the best candidate for the job.

  • Architecture and Development
    Designing and implementing IT architecture to fit your IT business needs is a core competency of WAN Solutions. We help our customers lower their costs while maintaining a secure and efficient IT architecture.

  • Security
    IT environments are threatened internally and externally every day. Because of this, WAN Solutions has partnered with several industry leaders to provide integrated security, threat management, and identity management to block unsafe threats from entering your IT environment. 

  • Data Management
    Businesses encounter a multitude of data all the time. Data management services from WAN Solutions keep data organized, increase performance, and ensure good-quality records. Because of these factors, our customers work with more accurate information that is readily available. They never lose their data due to an unorganized data management system.