Colocation - Hosting

Save Your Space with Colocation

Colocation allows companies to rent space in WAN Solutions' data center, placing their equipment into a controlled, reliable environment without having to build or buy their own facility.  A colocation facility is, essentially, a modern data center, similar to what large enterprises would use for housing their hardware.  We offer our clients the ability to rent space, servers or virtual servers, along with the option for self provisioning on demand service.  WAN Solutions will handle the installation and all the maintenance, providing you with all the resources of a major corporation with none of the hassle.

Benefits of Colocation

  • Redundant Power Supply
    WAN Solutions' colocation facility provides redundant power sources on a level that is very costly to duplicate in-house.  The facility also offers full surge and lightning protection, multiple battery backups and diesel-powered generators to compensate for extended outages.  Without colocation, your business runs the risk of losing critical data and suffering extended periods of downtime due to electrical disasters, blackouts and other natural/manmade disasters. 

  • 24/7 Support
    By renting space you can simply move your equipment or rent equipment from us, then sit back and relax.  WAN Solutions takes care of keeping it cooled and supplied with power, along with constant Internet access. We also offer staff available 24/7 who can physically reboot your server if you need it, or who can let you access your hardware for after-hours maintenance.

  • Bandwidth
    Companies are spending a fortune running T-1, DSL or even cable modem lines into their offices, mainly to maintain a Web or email server. By contrast, WAN Solutions provides redundant lines, which means that not only can we feed servers with more bandwidth than most companies, the redundancy offers great uptime.

  • Cost
    By utilizing someone else’s space, power supply and time, your company will ultimately save money.  For example, you can collocate one server that is actually virtualize five servers, which will automatically lower your electricity costs.  Colacation not only places all of your IT needs into WAN Solution' hands, but it allows you to budget your cash flow, not having to worry about keeping your servers safe or cooled to the right temperature.